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    Two different approaches, one common goal


  • Let's talk recycle & refills

    Two different approaches, one common goal

  • 7 Essential steps in the creation of our products

    The birth of our product

  • 5 Myths about hand sanitizers

    We are sharing light on some of the urban legends involving hand sanitizers

  • Building wells in developing countries

    A behind the scenes on how we are taking action.

  • Why the Refill Pouch?

    Your beginner's guide to the refill revolution.

  • What our brand is really about

  • 5 tips for home alone nights

    You made it through the day... a hard and long one also. We say you deserve a much-earned self-care evening. Agree?

  • Happy World's Water Day!

    At HAAN, today and every day, water is life.

  • How can you make a change?

    The more you know, the better. Be informed!

  • Water brands we admire

  • The consequences of decades of drought in Namibia

  • How to save water in your personal and domestic hygiene

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