Blossoming Creativity

Maria's Journey with Dear Flowers Studio

Maria, Dear Flowers

Flower Stylist

Creativity blossoms in the most diverse forms. Maria had it clear from the beginning: Dear Flowers Studio is her creative experiment.

'I just love seeing where else it could take me. It's called 'Dear Flowers' because I am really grateful to the flowers for being such a perfect element to let me express myself and everything I want to say.'

When and where did your passion for flowers first blossom?

I always loved flowers but my visual interest for them grew in 2018 when I discovered there was something more than classic garden style arrangements. I started following many floral artists, designers and stylists from different countries and getting extremely inspired by their job.

Later during the pandemic and self isolation I realized that having fresh flowers at home and contemplating them was really helpful and the aesthetic pleasure was really healing to me. That was when I decided I had to learn to arrange flowers myself.

What’s Dear Flowers Studio? Can you tell us a bit about your journey to becoming a flower stylist and opening your studio in Madrid?

Dear Flowers Studio is my way to express my vision and creativity through flowers, objects, words, events and everything in between. After working for many years as a Brand Manager I really enjoy working for my own brand that I am creating right now. I think it's the most beautiful and grateful job I’ve ever had.

Also I always wanted to open a concept store of a physical space where people could get to know my & other brand´s work, that is why I decided to open a studio in Madrid where I´ve been living for the last 10 years.

We've seen your work across houses, bouquets, events, weddings, and even cakes. Out of these, which format do you truly relish working for?

Sincerely, I love expanding my creative borders that's why I really enjoy working with all these formats. As I've already said, Dear Flowers Studio is my creative experiment so I just love seeing where else it could take me. It's called “Dear Flowers” because I am really grateful to the flowers for being such a perfect element to let me just express myself and everything I want to say.

How do you believe being surrounded by nature uplifts your daily life

For me it is very important to surround myself with things that inspire me. It can be art, design, interior design, some cool vintage objects, books and of course, flowers.

Flowers represent nature and design at the same time. On one hand, being elements of nature they give you a breath of fresh air every time you need it. On the other hand, being an element of design they can uplift your home decor making everything look good together.

Imagine you receive a commission, how do you determine the ideal flower combination for your client?

My clients usually tell me which colors they prefer for their bouquet or event and then just ask me to create something “in my own style” which I absolutely adore! I also feel very grateful to them as they let me create freely and their vision is usually very similar to mine.

When I do floral selections I have my own secrets and people usually say that they are surprised by the selection I made because I like “weird” flowers that I find beautiful or visually interesting. For example, at the moment I almost do not use roses or eucalyptus because in my opinion we all are a little bit visually saturated with them.

If it was for HAAN, what would inspire you?

I really love your packaging and colors so first of all I would think about the color palette. It probably would include some orange elements as I think this color could be a good connecting element for the whole palette.

Then I would think about the shape. I could probably go for strict geometric shapes as the main element, so I could probably use strelitzia in the composition. Also because in my opinion this flower would be perfect to describe HAAN brand´s character that I see as young, dynamic, creative and caring.

Is working with perishable products like flowers compatible with sustainability? What do you do in your daily life to live more consciously?

Nature has its own cycles (and life also does!) and for me when flowers wither it's a normal part of their life cycle. There are also many people that enjoy withered flower aesthetics which means that even in this condition they still can bring harmony and joy.

As for my work, I try to make it as sustainable as I can. For instance, I do not use floral foam working with other mechanics instead of this one, always select seasonal flowers and try to make my orders as local as I can buying from growers in Spain and Europe.

What is your personal care routine?

My personal care routine includes cleaning and hydrating my skin twice per day and only buying products that I really need and that I am going to use. By the way, I loved your Wild Orchid Body Lotion because it smells so good and fits perfectly on my bathroom shelf :)


What do you do on a Sunday afternoon? I go to Rastro almost every Sunday I look for vintage treasures for my home & studio

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? I think.. Tomatoes and cucumbers!

The drink that makes you the happiest: Depending on the day and the moment.. But a glass of champagne (or cava!) is always a good idea :)

First thing you do when you wake up in the morning: Think about my plans for the day and then cuddle with my dog!

Favorite flower: more than one... I'd say anthurium, calla lilies and amaranth

Dream collaboration: any cool brand that shares my aesthetic vision and values.

Celebrity crush: I know it's weird, but I dont have one...

Favorite IG account? Since I love event styling I would say @nomsdujour

Favorite HAAN product: I fell in love with your Hand Sanitizer! The size and shape are perfect and it smells heavenly!

Maria's favorite products

She tells us our Hand Sanitizers have the perfect shape and size. And they smell heavenly!