How we create our products

Hi, my name is Sito Busto and I'm the one responsible for the marketing of HAAN.

Today I will be walking you through the different steps involved in the birth of one of our products: deciding the specifics, designing a prototype, stability and safety requirements, industrial scale-up, raw ingredients sourcing and industrial production.

Step 1: Where our brand strategy takes us.

The first thing we do when creating one of our care products is looking into our product launch strategy. As a care brand, everything we launch must be in line with the objectives of the company and our strategic brand positioning. In this step, we analyze new products and new categories that regulate our brand's DNA from an image, functionality and benefits point of view. Here is where we actually decide the product category we want to launch.

Step 2: Looking into the market.

Once we’ve decided on the category for our new product, we shift our attention to the market to find more about the current trends in the care industry and look at what's already available to the public and what are our opportunities there are for improvement. With this in mind, we start to identify ways to further differentiate our brand.

Step 3: Defining product attributes and benefits

We’ve made our research and now it's time to start creating the marketing brief. This step is key when developing the new product as it is the starting point of every project. Here we define our product attributes, the desired benefits, the color, our iconic fragrances, texture and finally the size. Including in this are the packaging requirements and design specifications.

Step 4: Time to move things to the laboratory

In this stage, we initiate a back and forth discussion with the laboratory and our fragrance consultants. We want to be disruptive with our formula, we seek to be as natural as possible, we look for innovation and we want our fragrances to be a key selling point. But for that to happen, there are a lot of tries and a lot of samples... Is the texture right? Is the smell right? Is it sticky? Is it easy to apply? Is this what we are all about?

Step 5: Judge by its cover

We've done or sketches and we have the design, so it's time to do some ordering and get our hands on the packaging mouldings. We need to make sure that the bottle aligns with our brand, that it's easy to use and covers our expectations and the ones from our clients.

Step 6: When all becomes one

We've mixed all of the ingredients and our recipe is done. The fragrance, the formula, the packaging. Now it's time for the testing! All of us in our team take part in trying the product and being as critical as we can be. And we are difficult to please!

Step 7: Ready. Set. Go!

After the team's approval, we are now ready to deliver. We have our product and we are more than excited to share it with you and our partners! Thank you for coming along with me today in the behind the scenes of our design!