What does Reef Friendly stand for?

We tend to look for products that are not harmful or toxic to our bodies but, have we thought about the environment?
Summer is coming, and even though we have to use sunscreen all year, it is the time of the year when we use it the most and also take baths in the sea. That means that sunscreen’s residues remain in the sea thus damaging corals and marine ecosystems.
Why do we have to take care of the oceans and its corals? Basically, because our planet is made of 2/3 oceans and we human beings depend on the ecosystems that produce coral reefs.
Good news here: there are sunscreens with the ones you can avoid this.
If you didn’t know it yet, we introduce you to the Reef Friendly concept, which identifies those sunscreens that -in addition to sun protecting your skin- do not contain the two main chemicals (Octocrylene and Methoxycinnamate) that cause coral bleaching and disrupt their reproduction.
Wanna hear more exciting news? We’ve launched two creams to protect your skin from the sun while taking care of the ocean. Following the philosophy of our products, their formula is clean, meaning there are no chemical or synthetic ingredients that could pose a risk to human health or to the environment.
Face Cream SPF 30

A fast-absorbing daily moisturizer that hydrates the skin of your face while protecting it from the sun and pollution. With ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid or Vitamin E, this Face Cream keeps skin hydrated, improves elasticity and delays premature aging. Its SPF30 filter makes it perfect to use during the day to protect skin.

A sunscreen with SPF 35 and vitamin E that helps protect the skin from the sun without leaving a whitish finish. It protects against UVA rays, thus preventing premature aging, intolerance to the sun or pigmentation disorders.

Sunscreen SPF 35

The Face Cream comes in a 45ml. bottle and the Sunscreen in a 60ml. one, both with a soft touch effect and a lanyard to wear it around your neck or attach it to your backpack or purse. Perfect to wear them everywhere and protect your skin whether you’re in a bar with some friends or at the beach sunbathing.

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