Where Ruby's inspiration comes from

When painting meets food

Spotify is on, stoves are on and a good conversation comes up. That might be an idyllic Saturday plan, but this is where Ruby Hughes (@sshepaints) inspiration comes from. Born in Germany but with her soul in Italy, Ruby couldn’t live without a glass of wine or a dish of pasta. Her art inspires everyone who is in love with cooking and, of course, everyone who loves the carpe diem philosophy.

When and how did you get into painting?

I've always loved painting - I did it at college and actually failed! haha because I wasn't great at perspective painting. So when I realized you could just paint anything and it could be abstract, I couldn't stop doing it.

Could you tell us some places/things where you get inspiration?

My inspiration comes from the everyday chats me and my boyfriend have when we are cooking dinner. My mundane everyday life I get a lot of ideas from. We go to Italy every year and I always leave with notes on my phone of painting ideas, people chatting and sipping espressos. Swimming, and eating pasta one second later.

Could you tell us 3 of your favorite artists?

I know it's a bit obvious but Matisse is definitely one. Louise Bourgeois. Vincent Ferrane is a photographer I really like - I would class his work as art.

Do you have a specific routine / schedule when it comes to painting, or does it change depending on the day?

To be honest It doesn't take me very long to execute my paintings, it's more about the journey of getting the idea which takes a while. Annoyingly, it has no formula and I'll sit down to paint and nothing will happen sometimes. When I know I have a few commissions to paint, I have to get all my other little jobs done before, so I can fully concentrate and put music on and zone out. My studio also has to be tidy weirdly - Otherwise I get stressed and the painting wont go well. It's such a cliche but It's very therapeutic to have to make something with your hands everyday, so I'm grateful that I get to do that.

Have you ever created a specific piece for a client? How do you feel during the process?

Yes, most of my work is bespoke for the client, I'd say that's my favorite part, getting to hear people's memories and special details and bringing them to life. You get such a personal window into peoples worlds by hearing about what they do and eat with their loved ones. Or the mundane details of their morning cup of tea. It's magic, and I feel like I know all these people just by hearing that. It's so wild!

A quick catch up!

First thing you do every morning? Cup of tea before ANYTHING

If happiness had to be a specific moment, what moment would that be for you? Weirdly I love being in the car with my boyfriend, music on, having a great chat about business, our plans, what we are going to eat for dinner. With the dog in the back, our little life is happiness for me.

What is your favorite way to take care of yourself? I'd say having a night in, no plans with anyone, doing some cleaning, healthy dinner, changing the sheets etc - refreshing myself. Is such self care for me.

Favorite drink? Favorite meal? Love a glass of wine, Cold, pale, dry, Rose. I love Ramen, my boyfriend makes the best Ramen. Pasta of course, simple pomodoro is heaven to me.

Favorite place you've been / traveled to? Italia, Has to be. I really want to go to America soon, it's on my list. But Italy is where my heart is.

Favorite IG account? @cremelamare - It's just italians laying in the sun, and my dog walkers instagram honestly I just watch the live updates of their walks, I'm such a loser.

Thank you so much Ruby!