Why the Refill Pouch?

As you know, we recently launched Refill pouches to extend the life of our products and reduce our waste and plastic production. We are part of a new generation of companies that aim to define a better future for the planet and humanity.

But what does this really mean?

We want to lead a shift towards a more conscious care industry. We want to challenge the pre-established norms. We want to go beyond the products. We want not only to do things differently but we want to make them better for you and for our planet.

Introducing the Refill.

A fresh approach that can help against climate change. Our distinctive DNA has brought us to reformulate a standard item. We want it trendy and we want it sustainable, so we extend the lifetime of our Pocket bottle thanks to this new product. Less plastic, less price... More lifetime!

Why a refill?

All of our products have a bigger purpose: to be as conscious as possible with the planet and humanity. We only have one planet and we need to protect it by reducing our footprint.

We believe that to create a lasting change, we need a new approach: Less is More. Together we can help leave a disposable culture behind and buy products to treasure for a lifetime. The ultimate way to offset this environmental impact is to reduce how much a consumer needs to rebuy something. “With so much saturation in the care industry, it’s important to make products that are unique and deserve a spot in your bag or shelf”

While we design our packaging to be as green as possible, we’re always looking for additional ways to lessen the impact. Our refill pouch offers 89% plastic savings compared to using a Pocket bottle.

A Refill Pouch takes 80% less water and energy to produce than a HAAN Pocket PET Bottle, hence lowering our environmental footprint. But what is an environmental footprint? Carbon footprint is a measure of the impact your activities have on the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) produced through the burning of fossil fuels and is expressed as a weight of CO2 emissions produced in tons. As the energy and transport used to produce our Refill Pouches are about 1/7 lesser than producing a HAAN Pocket PET Bottle, our C02 emissions are consequently minor. So they are recyclable? It depends on the recycling systems of different governments. It can or cannot be accepted by municipal recyclers. Why? Stand-up refill pouches are regularly made with layers of different materials, hence making them harder to recycle. You might think, why did you choose this material then? Unfortunately, regular recyclable refill pouches tend to dissolve when in contact with hydrating hand sanitizer formula. It’s a pity, we know! However... Did you know that plastics make up 13% of the solid waste generated? And even more, that the largest plastic waste contributors are containers and packaging? Going further into explanation, you might be surprised to know that only 8.4% of plastics eventually gets recycled. Even if not always recyclable, HAAN Refills make a whole ton of sense. Since the packaging weight of the pouch is dramatically less than a HAAN Pocket, the resources used to produce, transport and use the Refill pouch are also dramatically less. Actually, it has a 1/7 impact of an equivalent HAAN Pocket bottle (even if the pocket was recycled 80% of the time). We know we are not perfect but we are trying to move in the right direction.

And we designed our product with the communities in mind. Through the motto Water is Life, we aim to provide clean water in developing countries. Access to clean water improves health conditions, increases school enrollment, and fosters economic prosperity for communities in need. We started by donating 20% of our profits to water organizations that work to provide clean water in Africa.

Because sometimes, less is actually more.

Join the refill revolution!