An ingredient for every skin type

We finally launched skincare: a line designed to suit every skin type using the right active ingredient to make it look healthy and beautiful. But first things first: you should know which is your skin type before deciding which product fits better with you. Let’s get into this:

– Oily Skin

Knowing if your skin is oily is easy, as its name says: you have excess oil and your skin shines almost every time of the day. This skin type tends to have visible and enlarged pores, so if you don’t take care of it, pores can become clogged and lead to skin concerns such as acne or blackheads. Oily skins also don’t tend to have visible wrinkles. Good for this!

– Normal to Combination Skin

Seems the easier skin type, but may be the most difficult to understand. Worse than your ex. When your skin is neither dry or oily at all, but you have different feelings around your face like an oily T-zone or dry cheeks, you’ll probably have a normal to combination skin. What your skin needs is easy: stability.

– Dry Skin

If you don’t have any of the mentioned skin types, you might have dry skin. This skin type is known for a coarse and rough texture that tends to flake. The pores are tight, but it normally has more visible lines of premature aging and also less elasticity.

Now you know your skin type, you’re prepared to choose the best active ingredient for you:


It is a form of vitamin B3 that reduces oil production in the skin and also the visibility of the pore size. What els does Niacinamide do to your skin?

- Controls dark spots and hyper-pigmentation

- Calms redness and evens skin texture

- Improves the skin barrier

So, if your skin is oily and it shines more than it should, the Niacinamide Face Cleanser, Face Cream and Face Serum are your bet.

Hyaluronic Acid

The quintessential moisturizing active for its water retention capacity. Hyaluronic Acid keeps the skin hydrated and elastic while helping improve the appearance of premature aging signs.

What else does Acid Hyaluronic do to your skin?

- Improves its elasticity

- Protects skin from external damage

- Prevents transepidermal water loss

If your skin is normal to combination and you didn’t understand it before, now you’ll do it with the Hyaluronic Face Cleanser, Face Cream and Face Serum.


Those Dry Skins who seek for brightness: the Peptide Face Cleanser, Face Cream and Face Serum are for you. Peptide is an active antioxidant that provides luminosity and improves the signs of aging. What else does Peptide do to your skin?

- Protects skin from pollution

- Brings light and reduces hyperpigmentation

- Reduces inflammation

Now, you’re prepared and ready to be a skincare-geek. Get your full skincare routine with a 15% off here.