#11 Mtsilo

Today we are taking you to Mtsilo, where we are sharing with you the story of.....


"Hi, my name is Chiwa. Welcome to my home, Mtsilo. People always say my community is very outgoing. We do love to celebrate life.

Our days start rather early in the quest for fetching water. We walk for hours and hours on end and most of the time the water we manage to supply is not even clean.

This is sometimes hard as because of this, we are not able to go to school. 

A month ago, HAAN visited Mitsilo in the search for locations to help contribute water access. We were selected as one of the villages were to build a water well.

I can say today that this has completely changed my family and my own life."

Together with you, we've created a water well in Mtsilo, directly benefitting 82 people. By purchasing our products you've helped do this. We go by the phrase 'Water is life' because it's education, income and health - especially for women and children.

Thank you for making our dream a reality.