#13 Kadchezera


Have you ever had to choose between going to school or drinking water? Most of us haven't, but that's still the reality for most girls in Malawi.

'I wish I could go to school like the other boys' - Asmaa, 12, Kadchezera

This was the story of the little girls in Kadchezera who had to sacrifice their education, and their chance to make a better life for themselves, because of needing to collect water for their families.

"I collect water from the river, it's far away. I know it's dirty water but there's nowhere else to go" - Asmaa, 12, Kadchezera

They haven't been given the opportunity to choose. Regardless of their current environment, they keep making the most important choice there is. To keep showing up and living in the present.

And yet, they deserve more. They deserve a future.

With your help, we are able to give them that choice. As of today, all 70 people of Kadchezera have access to clean and drinkable water. Because Water is Life, or as they say it in Malawi: Madzi Ndi Moyo.

Thanks for giving them water. Thank you for giving them health and education. Thank you for giving them life. Thanks for choosing HAAN.

"Water is Life"