#14 Njovu

As of today, 1 in 10 people are lacking access to clean water.

Even though numbers are scary, it's still very hard to imagine what this looks like. A few months ago, we visited Malawi to check on wells that have been built and look for new communities to help.

Let's take a dive into a snippet of our travel diary and our memories from the first time we visited Njovu.

"It's day 4 from our 10-day trip in Africa. Our first stop of the itinerary is Njovu. Our social partner expressed his concerns about the overall health of the village, so we are on our way to see it in our own eyes and meet its people".

We arrived there early in the morning and already heat was starting to bubble up.

We got off the car and we were greeted with tender smiles and hugs. Kids were shouting and running towards us, filled with excitement and hope.

As we looked around, we suddenly felt overwhelmed. Imagine spending hours every day searching for water. Then imagine the water you’ve worked so hard to collect makes you and your family sick. Your family has now lost time and health, and without either, there’s little room for school, work, or making progress on your dreams.


Our thoughts at that point were  "How is it fair? Why us? Why them?".

 At that moment we saw the world from different eyes. We knew right there, we would never be the same. We felt like life was teaching us a lesson to be thankful for what we have and, with that, try to help in whichever ways we can.



The people of Njovu don't seem to be contaminated with all of the materialistic possessions we have. Everyday for them is a gift. According to our local partner, their language lacks past and future tense. Because there is nothing but the present.



Today, we are celebrating funding clean water for Njovu. That is 78 people. 

The water crisis is massive, but it is solvable. We are so grateful for your help and support in our mission to create a future where everyone has clean and safe drinking water.