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A smart and trendy dispenser that greets users with our renowned hydrating hand sanitizer.

Hands free
Lithium battery
Never Ending
Water creators

One of a kind

Sleek design meets smart technology to greet you with a hydrating and non-sticky hand sanitizer. Available to buy with a discreet support or in a standing tray base, HAAN BIG is the perfect addition to keep indoor environments clean and safe at all times.


Aromatize your hands with one of our five charming fragrances inspired by different moments of the day. Pick your favorite scent!


A touchless dispenser to make your life easier. Insert your hands, get a dose of our hydrating hand sanitizer and you are good to go.


Design to enjoy, refill and reuse. Once your dispenser's formula is over, exchange the refill bag for a new one. Finished? Start over!


A lithium battery that lights up whenever it's about to die to make it as convenient as possible. Plug in and charge your dispenser to enjoy a long-lasting battery with up to 25.000 uses.


Become a #watercreator.