#04 Chamba-Dzana (HOFF)

Chamba-Dzana, Malawi. 2020.

When we first got to Chamba-Dzana, another little village in the Benga region, we were so impressed to see how happy this community was, how much energy they all had, and how warmly they welcomed us. They were living on the edge, but still they had an amazing positive mood and tried to take advantage of every little detail.

The sad bit came when they all came together to show us their water source: after we walked for 1,5 km, we got a 2m2 hole with no way in or out. There was not any close river and they would be tied to weather conditions, as the area would constantly get dry and their water supply would disappear. Taking all these inputs into account, you can picture the quality of water: it was all brown and dirty, full of insects and in any case, drinkable.

That small hole was their only option for many years and so with that stuck infected water they would shower themselves which would cause many skin problems. As they did not have good medical resources either, that had become their biggest issue regarding water.

Once it was clear to us that we wanted to help them, our friends from HOFF, a Spanish sneaker brand, showed us their interest to join us and take part in this project. Moved by the community spirit, love, and care that we felt there, they were all in to fund this water well.

It has already been built and has been in use for a while now, although we would like to but could not go visit due to Covid-19, we are really happy to see how their lives will significantly improve and their skin problems will slowly be a thing of the past.



Who benefits

181 people