#02 Mchenga

Mchenga, Malawi. 2020.

This village is slightly smaller than others we have worked on but when talking about people, numbers don’t matter. People matter.

The first time we step into this village, it seemed like one more. They were all similar: small, isolated, and without water. But we had to see who needed it most, so we accompanied them to get water.

The journey was very long and hard, even we struggled to get there: walking over a kilometer and with a steep slope to reach a small brook. It would take them several hours every day per journey and the conditions of the creek were awful. It is not what we would imagine in a developed world: it was muddy, and they would share it with animals who would drink, pee, and poo in that same water. The color of the water was brown in the best case.

Of course, the liquid they would get was not in the minimum conditions to be drinkable or even to be able to cook or bath with it. But then, they had to go back to their humble homes loaded up to the top, climbing the sharp slope and walking back.

Once we saw this situation that they had to repeat day after day, and still, in so poor conditions, we were crucially decided to build there a water well.

From now on, they are able to get water from the well, which will lead to a reduction of the diseases in the village and a way to get better personal care.



Who benefits

78 people, of which 54 are students.