#06 Ndodo

Ndodo, Malawi. In process.

Ndodo, an isolated town:

The sunrise welcomed us in Benga Mission, where we were staying. 

Coffee and a toast with butter is our energy source to start our journey. 

That morning, we had a plan: explore the region to spot an isolated area with water scarcity. We heard about a place called Ndodo. And we were committed to find that place and see whether or not our contribution of a water project could happen.  

We jumped into our car and drove for about 1 hour guided by James, the local sherpa and friend. A fresh morning air, and a special feeling of contribution, were super strong inside us and they are now in our memories. 

We spotted a tree shadow where we parked our car. From there, we could see the access to the valley that made Ndodo to be isolated. We started walking, and at this point, the air was not that fresh but the contribution feeling and excitement were even stronger.  

Down there, at the bottom of the valley, we found a river track that was almost dry. But, because with any drop of water there is a source of hope, we decided to explore down the river until we found a group of people collecting water. They were Ndodo community members! 

They invited us to walk up the hills with them until their town. It is incredible how they can hold such an amount of water weight over their necks, under the African burning sun, and for such long distances. After half an hour of water transportation, we arrived at Ndodo. 

These people definitely need our help to build a water well. But since the access to the town is so complicated, it makes impossible the access for the trucks with the building machinery. The strongest challenge is the path to cross the river. There is no track and is full of stones and irregularities, totally impossible to drive through. 

The solution is to build a bridge, this way we could overcome the worst part of the way and make it possible for the truck to reach Ndodo. Water wells are built with a truck that makes the hole in the ground. So without a bridge, the truck could never reach Ndodo.  

So even if we have no idea about bridges, we have a water creation project to be done. Our aim is to help Ndodo to become from isolated to hydrated, that’s all we need to bear in mind to make it possible. 

It will not be fast nor easy. So we have no time to waste, Ndodo people need to solve their water scarcity to improve their lives. 

We will be reporting about all the steps we make, stay tuned! 


About 10km away from Changoma School

Who benefits

343 people, divided into 63 families with 217 kids.