#03 Thugwalugwa

Thugwalugwa, Malawi. 2020.

Women and little girls are mainly the ones that go every day in the search for water, which takes them time away from other tasks such as learning, working, or doing household chores. Not only means a privation of sanity but also education and self-development.

In their case, they had to walk almost 2km per way to a river where they would share the resources with different animals’ species, that would drink and bath themselves in that same water. You can imagine that the water was not in the best condition.  Afterward, walk that same distance back holding the full water containers.

Somewhere like Thugwalugwa where most of the population are children, is it unthinkable to imagine that they would not have the right education because of the lack of water.  So, we decided to act and help them.

Once the water well is built and they have easy access to clean water, the situation radically changes for the better: no more walks, no more diseases related to water and no more waste of time to gather muddy and infected water.

Instead, all the women and girls can now invest this time in other activities that provide them education, better personal care, and/or economic growth. We are glad that we were able to give them the opportunity to grow as people and as a community.



Who benefits

244 people, of which 88 are adults and 156 kids.