Let's talk recycle & refills

Let's talk recycle & refills

Over the last few years, most of us have become aware of some of the biggest environmental issues we are facing and part of the solution has been to be more responsible with our way of buying. From everyday products to fashion and cosmetics. But how much is being recycled?

Europe produces 60 million tons of plastic. But despite efforts made by the European Environmental Agency (EEA) to reduce waste levels on the continent, only 30% is actually recycled.

“Every year 5 million to 14 million tons flow into our oceans from coastal areas. Sunlight, wind, waves, and heat break down that material into smaller bits that look—to plankton, bivalves, fish, and even whales—a lot like food.” - National Geographic

The global beauty industry alone is responsible for the production of over 142 billion units of packaging every year.



The average person uses around 28 beauty and care products a year, using an average of 7 - 9 a day. Imagine if we could use these 7 or 9 bottles for years and years to come? What would happen?

This is why the refill makes sense.

In looking at research and consulting with our lab professionals, we realized all we needed to reduce our footprint was: a premium container to reuse and refill. Oh and of course to actually take a minute to clean the bottle inside and out!

Not only more green to our planet and wallet-friendly to you but straight up a logical approach!

This is why we decided to do it. To create the first refillable hand cream in the market and introduce a refill pouch to refill and reuse your bottle for a lifetime.

The benefits?

Less Plastic

Our refill pouch offers 84.5% plastic savings compared to using a
Hand Cream bottle

Less Water & Energy Used In Manufacturing

A Refill Pouch takes 89% less water and energy to produce than a
Hand Cream PET Bottle, hence lowering our environmental

Less CO2

1 Refill —> 70% less carbon emission associated with the production
of a Hand Cream PET Bottle

Less money

Buying our Hand Cream Refill is 33% cheaper than buying 3 Hand Cream bottles.

3 Hand Creams = 26,70€

1 Refill = 17,80€

However, if you still feel like recycling your Hand Cream bottle you can do so by throwing it into the plastic recycling bin.








We’ve created the best product in the best packaging possible, so you can enjoy it and reuse it for a long time.

It is our duty as a brand, and we want it to be your option to choose as a customer.

So, do you want to join the #RefillRevolution?

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