The threat of Covid-19 in the African continent

The threat of Covid-19 in the African continent

The global CoVid-19 pandemic is a major threat to the African continent due to a lack of health and economic resources.

In view of this situation, Ready For Africa is being promoted, an initiative to help this community deal with the coronavirus. It is subsidized by the Emalaikat Foundation and executed locally by the Missionary Community of Saint Paul the Apostle, through the specialized knowledge of Botanicae.


The first phase of the project is now being held. In order to distribute hand sanitizer in Malawi to help prevent infection in the country, we have purchased 600 liters of sanitizing gel from a local distributor, packaged in 0.5L and 5L bottles to distribute them through Benga Mission (local HAAN partner) in some key points selected in partnership with District Health Officer (DHO).

This is a temporary solution to offer sanitary resources to prevent CoVid-19 until we are able to implement phase 2.

In order to guarantee the correct use of these hand sanitizers, we as well elaborated an educative poster in both official languages: Chechewa and English. In it explains how to apply the product and in what movements should be rubbed in.


As mentioned, phase 2 will consist of producing and distributing hand sanitizer on a self-sufficient basis and establishing a long-term sustainable system, thanks to the commercialization of the product within the country itself and with the assessment of MartiDerm, who already has previous experience in the area.

This will be done by building a “production and packaging plant” with the country’s sanitary regulation with the technical help of Botanicae, that will give employment to women at risk of social exclusion, mostly mothers. It is a unique opportunity for personal and economic development, thus having the possibility to educate their children.

This second phase will last until CoVid-19 is eradicated in the country which would lead to a phase 3, still in development.

We want to thank all our partners for coming along with us on this journey.

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