Water brands we admire

Water brands we admire

With a strong commitment, brands are able to change the world we currently live in. And this is something important that we, as a fellow brand, value. While some big brands just look for profits and economic growth, other entrepreneurs want to do a positive contribution with their brand in order to turn over their industry with innovations and to make established brands realize the need for a change.

That is why we feel it is important to recognize these brands with a clear purpose and today we want to give a shout out to some of our favorites in the water market. As HAAN, we are closely linked with water.

Let’s start with One Water, an English bottled water company that also brings clean water to Africa in many countries such as Kenya, Rwanda, Ghana, or Malawi. Not only with the construction of wells but they also repair water pipes and do other maintenance projects.

Another committed project is JUST Water, based in the US. Their purpose is focused on different pillars surrounding the planet: on one side, they work on the redistribution of water within the US. On the other, they use paper and cardboard to produce their packaging as it is a tetra brick which makes it completely recyclable and reduces plastic and gas emissions.

Another great example is the Spanish water brand Solan de Cabras. They give part of their profits to the official Spanish organization that fights against cancer, to impulse its investigation. They actually have a range of products that are specifically against breast cancer, with pink bottles.

Zero waste is an important movement to reduce plastic waste in seas and oceans, and that is exactly what CanO Water does. Their water packaging is not a plastic bottle but aluminum can: which can be 100% recycled and much faster which makes it a great alternative to save plastic. And another cool feature is that once it is open, you can close it back!

Auara, a Spanish water bottled brand that is dedicated to our same goal: fight against the water crisis through the creation of water in developing countries all around the world (Africa, but also South America and Asia). Additionally, they strive for sustainability, emission reduction, and recycling. Moreover, during this exceptional situation, they gifted thousands of bottled waters to hospitals for the sanitary staff and Covid-19 affected people which opens up a new way to contribute and spread their message of “Water to change the world”.

MADE BLUE, a dutch brand company that contributes with one liter of clean water in south-Saharan Africa and Asia for each liter of bought water. Their packaging is 100% sustainable and long-term and even can be personalized with your own branding.

Belu Water is the last bottled water brand and its focused-on hospitality. They are partnered with WaterAid to whom they donate all of their profits to build water wells in Madagascar. Apart from giving drinkable water to Africa, they also emphasize on recycling, as their bottles are usually not single-use.

Of course (and thankfully) there are more brands in this industry that have a positive impact, using recycled PET plastic or bottling proximity goods, for example, which are features that onward will definitely be a must-have for all the companies that work with this type of materials and processes.

Finally, and moving to a slightly different project because it is not a bottled water brand, but a filter to put in the water dispenser, which decalcifies the tap water. As the name suggests, they are TAPP. They empower the tap water consumption as it is completely drinkable. Their ethical project is committed to saving the planet through sustainability and the reduction of plastic.

Like this, there are other similar projects around the globe that seek other ways to create clean water without the use of plastic but just using a tap filter in both developed countries to reduce plastic consumption and in underdeveloped ones, to ease the access to drinkable water.

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