Before the COVID-19 pandemic happened in Spring 2020, we visited Malawi in February to search for new locations and communities in need of help and access to clean drinking water.

In this journey, we came across Tsawala, a little village in the district of Salima which we fell in love with because of its community spirit, joy and positive spirit. During our visit, we got to know several families of the village who explained to us the problems that not having access to safe water impacted every part of their lives. Among them were that the students and teachers of Tsawala’s primary school spent hours every day on treks to carry clean water, which stole time from their educational experience or parents struggling because of hygiene problems and an overall lack of food safety.

We understood that the challenges that Tsawala’s people had to face on a daily basis was an urgent situation and couldn’t continue, so we decided to see how we could actually be part of the change.

Fortunately, our friends at Donner & Reuschel, a German bank specialized in private banking, were moved by the story and took the decision to join us in creating a water well for the village of Tsawala and make a real difference in the lives of its people.

HAAN x Donner & Reuschel’s water well was officially finalized on November x!

Due to the travel restrictions caused by the current worldwide pandemic, we sadly have not been able to travel to Tsawala and inaugurate the new well yet. Nevertheless, our local partner from the Benga Mission organization has been kind enough to share pictures and news showcasing the happiness of the families and children from whom the funding of the water well has been a transformative positive development.

As we all know, WATER IS LIFE and in 2020 no one should be forced to say they are unable to access this source of vitality. Our mission is to keep helping communities such as Tsawala by helping to create hope and happiness through the construction of water wells, the improvement of health conditions and consequently increase school enrollments and economic prosperity. We are all in this together. Let’s join HAANS!