#09 Galamuku


Ever wondered what is like to live without water? Well, Galamuku's community knew this all too well.

Women in particular wasted precious time walking long distances to collect dirty water. Girls dropped out of school because there were no private toilets to manage their periods. And worst of all, many children did not live to see their fifth birthday because of diarrhoeal diseases caused by dirty water and poor sanitation... The situation in this village was as urgent as it could get.

Thanks to your contribution, a couple of months a go we started drilling the boreholes for Galamuku's water well. We are happy to announce that last week construction.

Luckily, our founders Eric and Hugo were able to travel to Malawi and celebrate the inauguration of the well with Galamuku's people.

"Today is the best day of my life here. Having water nearby allows me to do and work on other things".9-year-old Amari celebrates after clean water arrives in his village.

Thank you for being part of our #Watercreator Community.