#12 Fotserani

 Once we found ourselves in the village of Fotserani (Malawi), we were captivated by the sense of community and positive atmosphere its people had regardless of their poor living conditions.

The thing that struck us the most was their stories. We were especially captivated by Lindani's life story, a single mother of three toddlers.

Lindani explained to us how she got pregnant at 15 years old by her long time boyfriend. Unfortunately, 4 years and three toddlers later, Lindani's husband got a very severe water-related disease ultimately causing his death. From then on, her days were never the same.

She used to wake up at dawn to get ahead of the day in the search of clean water, with her newborn on her back.

She got used to walking around 6 to 7 hours a day in the hopes to fetch clean water for her family. "The summer was the worst season to fetch for water. The long walks under the heated sun were my own personal nightmare. Water was even more difficult to find as rains were not happening".

As you can imagine, we were extremely touched by her story.

We are really happy to say that Lindani and many other women in Fotserani no longer have to sacrifice their lives to fetch water.

Fotserani's well was inaugurated today. 

With clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene, Fotserani's community will be healthier. Children will get the chance to go to school, and grow up to become educated adults. Women and men will get to earn a living. The whole community will start to thrive and this is thanks to you.

Thanks to your contribution, we've given Fotserani's community the most important gift of all, water.

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