A call for brands to change the world

We as enterprises have to be ones to promote and make the change. The activism should start from the roots, from where everyone has access to: as a customer, as an employee and as a businessperson.

A new generation of entrepreneurs is taking over in social commitment, where they are already born with a common purpose in their DNA and going a step further than just selling a product or service. Here is when older companies have to adapt themselves and experience a social transformation.

From now on, if you don’t have a strong purpose, you won’t have any future as a reliable brand. Clients are appreciating, and will, even more, companies that provide an added value: brands that are not pointless but are humanized and have a reason to be.

This is not a matter of being an NGO and making grand gestures, it’s about giving your grain of sand into helping others and it is about collaborating for a greater good.

Not looking just on economic benefits but also social benefits. Indeed, it can be an economic investment but there are also plenty of other ways: raising awareness and educating about UN Sustainable Development Goals.

In our case, we fight for the water crisis and all the issues that go with it: health, education and development problems. But being realistic, we can’t cover it all. We had to choose and we chose to help some communities in Africa. Just imagine if some, not even talking about all, of the brands in the world could help a community, a village or a country with the same problem, the water crisis would notably help to be soon eradicated.

But don’t get us wrong: this is not a competition to see who helps more or better. It’s investing time and effort for a positive contribution. Stop navel-gazing and start to give back, because YOU have the power to change things.

If you don’t know how to do it or where to begin, involve your public: from your own employees to your final customer. In the end, we are another way of media so raise your voice and let them take part in this movement as well and take the opportunity to strengthen your link with them. You are in direct contact with them and that is already a starting point.

We are willing to establish networking with those companies that have a mission behind, so we can work together and create a joint community to achieve a common goal: fight for a positive footprint. We believe in change, we believe in humanity and we believe that together we are stronger.

No matter what you do, what you commercialize or what cause you support. If you are doing a positive change for the planet, we admire you.