#01 Chigamba

Nobody can be focused while being thirsty, evenless a little girl or boy. Right? So now close your eyes and imagine yourself being a kid and being thirsty during a full day of class. Day after day. This is the reason why we chose Changoma School for our first water project in Malawi.

If there is Water, there is Education. Thus there is a hope for the Future.

The school is located in the middle of the dry area from Changoma (Malawi) and surrounded by dozens of villages where the kids walk from. Most of them walk for at least one hour; and they now do it with the motivation of learning, playing and drinking water.

When we first arrived at the school, all the kids were inside the classrooms and the surrounding from school by itself looked a bit disolated. But, when we saw more than 800 kids from primary school coming out from the classrooms, it became the most energetic place in the world. A mix of emotions went through your body and mind… and that made the willingness to keep contributing to communities even stronger.

During our journeys there with the school community we painted together the water well, we played soccer and had deep conversations with teachers, kids and parents. The talks where a truly source of life values and the confirmation of what we all know but we always forget: “water is life”