Sobremesa: the pleasant time you spend drifting about life, usually on a table after dinner or lunch with family or friends. In this section, we talk about everything; trivial or important topics, different visions of life, passions and ways to squeeze life in order to savor it. Want to join this sobremesa? You’re more than welcome.

Get Those Greens

Food is one of the easiest ways to be more sustainable

Blossoming Creativity

Maria's Journey with Dear Flowers Studio

Uplift your everyday life with yoga practice

Discover it with Dayma @beyourbestbeyoga

Modern objects with age-old techniques

Meet Maria, the Catalan and Ghanian-based founder of Aketekete.


Our connection to nature with @carlabythesea

Meet Carla Henríquez: surfer, photographer and nature advocate.

When Sustanibility meets Fashion

Inside our ambassador Carlota Weber's daily life


Squeezing life on a rush

The beginings of ONRUSHW23FH

All behind @soulinthekitchen

When painting meets food


Where Ruby's inspiration comes from

Food, wine and painting

5 Myths about hand sanitizers

Not all sanitizers dry out your hands


An ingredient for every skin type

Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid or Peptides

Fresh and delicious ice cream ideas with Chloé Sucrée

Keep fresh at any time of the year


What does clean beauty mean?

Learn the difference between clean and natural

Refill and recycle

A way to reduce plastic

How we create our products

The 7 crucial steps


Building wells in developing countries

You help us give access to clean water

Why the Refill Pouch?

A way to reduce our footprint